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November 3 – December 9

Photo: Sarah Hassanein

All around the world, people are coming together to Power Up solutions to the climate crisis. Hundreds of communities have already taken action across the world. And more actions are still to come.

The message is clear. Let’s shift money and political influence away from fossil fuel companies and towards a clean and equitable future for all.

On every continent, in big cities and on small islands, we are taking action to show that a global renewable energy revolution is within our reach. Workers and communities all over Canada are planning local actions. Join us.

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As communities rise up, let’s make sure our leaders in office hear our message.

Stories of Power Up actions

Since November 3, people from coast to coast to coast in Canada are rising up to send a clear message to our political leaders: it’s time to Power Up climate solutions. There are so many beautiful stories to share:

Outside Toronto City Hall, youth, seniors, and workers came together to power up a campaign for a Youth Climate Corps and imagine a clean energy future with Good Green Jobs for All. There were powerful speeches from labour leaders including CUPE Ontario president Fred Hahn.

In Montreal, community members used street theatre and creative visuals to make a strong case for getting gas off the grid and ushering in a renewable energy era.

In Calgary, Albertans used bold visuals of heat pumps, solar panels, and wind turbines to send a clear message that they support the transition to clean energy and a fossil free future.

These actions, and the many others that took place from coast to coast, couldn’t have come at a more important time. Conservative politicians and right wing interests across Canada are fighting against critical pieces of climate legislation and creating more barriers in the way of renewable energy development.

Worst of all, fossil fuel companies and their allies in office are claiming that a clean energy transition will worsen the affordability crisis. This is a lie. Renewable energy technology is getting cheaper everyday and recent reports have confirmed that heat pumps are the most cost efficient way to heat and cool homes.

Let’s make sure our Members of Parliament know where we stand. Take action and tell them to Power Up climate solutions today!

The Plan

This November, as fossil fuel companies publish another round of obscene multibillion-dollar profits, we will take to the streets to show our communities’ just energy future.

By unveiling local climate solutions across the country, we’ll resist the status quo of fossil fueled climate chaos, advance what’s needed for a livable future, and demand that our governments act urgently to resource just, renewable alternatives. Let’s power up the future we want!

As local action hosts, you know your own contexts and needs best – here’s a toolkit to help you think about which solutions would make sense in your community, and how you could creatively bring them to life this November.

Photo: Robert van Waarden

Our Demands

Pay Up
 – seize the wealth and power of the fossil fuel industry: tax unjust corporate profits, stop all subsidies and new fossil fuel projects, implement hard caps on emissions, and keep industry influence out of our politics.

Power Up – unleash the money to fund a just transition: redirect financial resources towards generating millions of unionized jobs, shift us to 100% renewable energy, follow Indigenous leadership, and rapidly decarbonize the entire economy in line with climate science.

Photo: Nhattan Nguyen
Photo: Nhattan Nguyen


We are joining forces with local movements, groups and communities to spotlight people power and climate solutions as tools of resistance in the fight against the climate-wrecking fossil fuel industry. You can learn about our partners here.

If your organization would like to support Power Up, fill out this form.

Fossil fuel companies are set to announce their next round of multibillion-dollar quarterly profits in November, right before our leaders meet at the next UN global climate talks (COP28). It’s the perfect time to demand that our governments shift money and political power away from fossil fuels and towards community-led climate solutions.


Power Up Canada is co-organized by a number of climate and labour partners including, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment, Center for the Promotion of Global Health, Climate Emergency Unit, Council of Canadians, CUPE Ontario, Green Majority Radio, Iron & Earth, Leadnow, Migrant Workers Alliance for Change, MiningWatch Canada, ORCIE (Office of Religious Congregations for Integral Ecology), Sacred Earth Solar, Seniors for Climate Action Now! (SCAN!), Shake Up The Establishment, Travailleuses et travailleurs pour la justice climatique (TJC), Wilderness Committee, and Youth Climate Save Canada