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November 3 – December 9, 2023

From November 3 to December 9, people are coming together all around the world to demand a clean, peaceful and equitable future for all. Join us and power up the global renewable energy revolution!

Initially envisioned to take place on November 3-4, Power Up has now become a month of action in the lead up to COP28 to demand a renewable, peaceful and equitable world – for all of us. A world where everyone has access to energy, to land, to water and to safety, and where we are all liberated from all forms of oppression.

The fossil fuel industry has exacerbated violence and oppression everywhere, and has always fought against the right to self-determination. There can be no climate justice without human rights, peace and social equity – and now more than ever, we need to show that there are alternatives.

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Whether you’re a seasoned activist or a first-time organiser, we’re on hand to provide you with resources to help make your action a success.

You will be joining thousands of volunteers and activists across the world, organising rallies, marches, and other creative actions in their communities!

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Power Up is an initiative led by 350.org and partners across the world. We are driven by the conviction that we have the tools, technology and resources to enable a fast and just transition to renewable energy systems – they just need to be moved in the right direction: away from fossil fuels, and towards community-centred renewable projects.

We are joining forces with local movements, groups and communities to spotlight people power and renewable solutions as tools of resistance in the fight against the climate-wrecking fossil fuels industry. Check out our partners here.

If you or your organisation would like to support Power Up, get in touch with us at [email protected].

Fossil fuel companies recently announced their latest rounds of quarterly profits, just weeks before world leaders meet at the UN's global climate talks (COP28) in Dubai.

We are watching the energy giants grow richer than ever whilst worldwide people are facing a confluence of crises such as climate impacts, political conflicts, energy poverty and rapidly escalating costs of living. On top of all that, around the world the fossil fuel industry spreads violence and oppression and exacerbates wars to protect their profits and greed. And even though we struggle, we keep going – because we know there is a better future, and we are committed to building it.

Whilst we endure the impacts of the climate crisis, fossil fuel companies are growing richer than ever. We are here to show that there is an alternative to the current status quo, where governments and industry claim there is no money to support the just transition, and yet always seem to have unlimited resources to fuel wars. In the lead up to COP28, we’re calling on world leaders to use all financial means possible to reclaim the excessive profits of the fossil fuels industry and use those to fund a monumental increase in renewable energy capacity – now!

We have the tools, resources and technology to make the energy transition happen. Wind and solar are already producing record amounts of clean electricity year after year, and getting cheaper every day. And we know there can be no climate justice without human rights. What is flagrantly missing is the political will to put people and the planet above greed and hatred. We have alternatives, a better world for all of us is possible.

Whether through taxes, by ending subsidies or stopping all investments in old and new fossil fuel projects, world leaders must use this money to power up a global renewable energy revolution, that is fair, promotes peace and distributes resources equitably around the world.

Across the world, people are already leading the way towards a clean, just, peaceful and renewable world, using solutions to the climate crisis as tools of resistance against fossil fuels and injustice. Wherever you are, you can join an event or organise one.

Join us!

Power Up was initially planned to happen on November 3-4, 2023. However, we recognise now is a time of immense violence and grief, and this may not be the right moment for some of the Power Up events to go ahead. Therefore, we are pacing our Power Up actions and spreading them over a month – from November 3 to December 9, 2023.

We are grateful to all event organisers and recognise the immense efforts put into bringing the 200+ planned actions to life. Some events will happen as initially planned, in places where that is still appropriate. Some others will be rescheduled, acknowledging that many of us and our ‘Power Up’ organisers are also campaigning for an end to violence in their geographies and the communities they represent.

In December, we will bring the energy of our global month-long efforts to the heart of the UN Climate Summit (COP28) and demonstrate that a world powered by clean, peaceful and fair renewable energy is not only possible: it is ours to make.

We believe that addressing the climate crisis and promoting peace are inseparable goals, and this month of actions will reflect our commitment to both. The fossil fuel industry has exacerbated violence and oppression everywhere, and has always fought against the right to self-determination. We are convinced that campaigning for community-owned solutions contributes to opening new possibilities for a just, equitable and future peaceful for all.

We seek to build a collective future that is peaceful and sustainable for generations to come. Our Power Up month of actions’ ambition is to reclaim our collective agency, and the power to choose. We are here to show that there are alternatives.

Our demands are simple: we want a 100% renewable energy system and a rapid end to coal, oil, and gas. We want an urgent transition that ensures justice, peace and fairness for all, triples renewable energy capacity by 2030 and protects nature and our environment. We want a liveable and peaceful future powered by renewable energies, that is just and accessible to everyone.

A key part of the solution is clear: taking money from where it currently is – the obscene profits of the fossil fuel industry – and shifting it towards renewable energy systems rooted in justice. We are asking our governments and world leaders to:

  1. Pay Up – make fossil fuels companies pay the bill: reclaim fossil fuel companies’ illegitimate profits, imposing taxes on their unjust profits and eliminating subsidies, investments, and loans to coal, oil and gas companies. Instead, that money should be used to fund and support renewable energy initiatives rooted in justice.
  2. Power Up – unleash the money to fund renewable energies: redirect financial resources towards renewable energies through all the financial mechanisms possible, on local, national and global levels. These resources should align with the scale and urgency of the climate crisis and ensure a globally equitable distribution of funds. triple renewable energy by 2030, to keep us in line with the 1.5C target.

The climate crisis exacerbates weather events like floods, wildfires, tropical storms and droughts. But it also has deep social impacts. Our planet's heating generates food and water shortage, worsens displacement and conflict – hitting harder those in most vulnerable areas or social conditions, who have often contributed the least to worsening this emergency. And on top of all of that, fossil fuel companies foster wars and violence, economic oppression and environmental destruction – all to protect their own profit and greed.

If we want to stand a chance to avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis, we need our governments to act fast. We need to get to 100% renewable energy by 2050, pashing out all fossil fuels by then. We must triple our total capacity of renewable energy and double energy efficiency gains by 2030. It's time to break free from coal, oil and gas, once and for all!

To achieve the change we want to see, we need to work together across the world: experienced activists and newcomers, workers and unions, traditional communities, all of us. It’s time to come together and demonstrate our power!

Join us!

From powering down coal to powering up solar in Australia, to demanding justice and energy access for communities in Brazil, to exposing the greed of fossil fuel companies in Sénegal and France, to reclaiming public spaces to manifest our vision across the world, you can join or organise events where you are.

There will be dozens of exciting actions happening all over the world – and you can join both in person or online, or organise your own Power Up event.

Browse our event map to find events near you:

All events are listed in the local time for the event location, and free of charge. Once you RSVPed to an event you will receive further information, like event time and location via email from your host. If you haven't received anything after a few days, make sure to check your spam folder for incoming mail.

If there is no event taking place in your area and you would like to host one, you can follow the instructions here.

For further information, please contact [email protected].

You want to host an event and grow the movement? Great! You can find all info on how to register for hosting your own event, as well as steps to follow to invite attendees. Simply follow the instructions here: