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3-4 November, 2023

All around the world, people will come together to power up the global renewable energy revolution. Let’s shift money and political influence away from fossil fuel companies and towards a clean and equitable future for all!

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On 3-4 November, as fossil fuel companies publish another round of obscene billion-dollar profits, we will take to the streets to show that a world powered by clean and fair renewable energy is not only possible: it is ours to make.

On every continent, in big cities and on small islands, we'll take action to show that a global renewable energy revolution is within our reach. We’ll spotlight the oil industry’s greed and reclaim the money and power to fund a just future powered by the sun and the wind.

We are taking to the streets because we are outraged. But also because we are hopeful, and determined to use our anger and our hope to resist - and to build a better future for ourselves and our planet.

Join us and help Power Up this wave of change!

Exxon's, Shell's, Total's and Chevron's profit in the first quarter of 2023 alone:

Shell's excess profits in 2022, just from rising energy prices:

Total's and Exxon's excess profits in 2022:

33.2 bn

22.4 bn

56 bn

This could fully electrify an estimated 55 million rural households without energy and grid access.This could pay the gap for ALL the households in the UK who suffered from energy poverty for one year – 17 times!This is four times the money that could pay for solar energy to power ALL households in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania.
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Power Up is an initiative led by 350.org and partners all around the world. We are joining forces with local movements, groups and communities to spotlight people power and renewable solutions as tools of resistance in the fight against the climate-wrecking fossil fuels industry.We are driven by the conviction that we have the tools, technology and resources to enable a fast and just transition to renewable energy systems – they just need to be moved in the right direction: away from fossil fuels, and towards community-centred renewable projects.
On 3-4 November, when fossil fuel companies are set to announce their next round of quarterly profits and right before our leaders get together at the next UN global climate talks (COP28), people all over the world will organise actions to demand our governments to shift money and political power towards community-centred renewable projects.Wherever we are in the world, we are facing the impacts of the climate and cost of living crisis, while the fossil fuels industry keeps blocking real climate action to protect their obscene profits. It’s ridiculous! We are angry, we are outraged, but we are also hopeful for the change that is within our reach. Here are some facts that might help convince you to join us:

  • Total and Exxon Mobil announced USD 56 billion excess profits in 2022. This four time the money that could pay for solar energy to power ALL households in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania.
  • This might be not news, but: the transition will not be done by oil and gas companies. Despite reaching a record net income of 4.144 trillion (yes, trillion) USD in 2022, they only invested 0,0019% in solar and wind that year.
  • Every dollar of stimulus spent on clean energy projects generates nearly three times more jobs per dollar than investment in fossil fuel projects. This is the real just transition!

Fossil fuels profits are absurd. If we tax them or redirect investments and subsidies to solar and wind, we will have the resources to make the transition to renewable energy systems rooted in justice possible and fast. We have the tools, technology and resources to tackle the climate crisis. We cannot allow coal, oil and gas companies to keep blocking the transition to just and renewable energy systems! In November, we will come together, in person and online, to power up the energy transition!

To achieve the change we want to see, we need to work together across the world: experienced activists and newcomers, workers and unions, traditional communities, all of us. It’s time to come together and demonstrate our power.

This is only the beginning. A future centred on people, care and justice is ours to make. The actions we take will help move us along the path towards climate justice. In November, join communities across the world to envision and fight for the renewable energy future that is within our reach!

Join us!

​Our demands are simple:

  1. Pay Up – make fossil fuels companies pay the bill: we must reclaim fossil fuel companies’ illegitimate profits. To start with, our governments should impose taxes on their unjust profits, eliminate subsidies, investments, and loans to coal, oil and gas companies. And instead, they should fund and support renewable energy initiatives rooted in justice.
  2. Power Up – unleash the money to fund renewable energies: governments must redirect financial resources towards renewable energies through all the financial mechanisms possible, on local, national and global levels. These resources should align with the scale and urgency of the climate crisis and ensure a globally equitable distribution of funds.

We want a liveable future powered by renewable energies, that is just and accessible to everyone. And the solution is clear: taking money from where it currently is – the obscene profits of the fossil fuel industry – and shifting it towards renewable energy systems rooted in justice. But taking  the money of the fossil fuel industry is not enough: we want to put them out of the way. We need our governments to explore every possible means of action to stop Big Oil from dictating our energy future.

Whilst we endure the impacts of the climate crisis and high energy bills, fossil fuel companies are growing richer than ever. Energy giants like BP, Shell, ExxonMobil, Equinor and Total repeatedly register record-breaking profits, making their wealthy shareholders and CEOs richer, and the world more unequal. We are not building renewable energy infrastructure fast enough to meet the scale of the climate and inequality crises, and countries are not working together across borders effectively to address them.

Governments, which have supported the industry so far, should target the profits of fossil fuel companies through all the financial mechanisms possible: creating taxes, ending subsidies, stopping direct investments and loans. They need to redirect those funds to support renewable energy, both locally, nationally and by creating an international action plan for an equitable distribution of funds – so that those countries which have contributed the least to the climate crisis but are often the most vulnerable and impacted by it have the resources for adapting and for transitioning to cleaner and more resilient energy systems.

Join us! Sign up here to participate.

From powering down coal to power up solar in Australia, to demanding justice and energy access for communities affected by Petrobras in Brazil, from shaming the greed of fossil fuel companies like Total in Europe and Africa, to reclaiming public spaces to manifest our vision across the world, you can join or organise events where you are.There will be dozens of exciting actions happening all over the world – and you can join both in person or online, or organise your own Power Up event. Information about where our showpiece actions will take place, and organising guides to support volunteers and groups in holding actions anywhere in the world, are coming in the next few weeks. The best way to know how you can get involved is to sign up to participate here!
Event registration and a map of actions and events are coming soon! Sign up here to hear from us with more information and resources, and fill in the short participant survey to let us know how you’re ready to be involved. You can also start planning and getting the word out to your friends, family and fellow activists!
Momentum is building up in the next months, as the climate movement prepares for the United Nation’s next global climate talks, COP28, starting on November 30th, in Dubai. People are coming together in several moments, to spotlight the nasty role of the fossil fuel industry in feeding the climate crisis and demand it to pay the costs of its actions and for the clean and equitable future we all deserve.We are joining efforts with our partners organising the End Fossil Fuels mobilisation and the Make Polluters Pay Day of Action, happening in September, to demand a fast phase out of all fossil fuels and for the highest-emitting countries and corporations to be held responsible for their historical debt, by paying for losses and damages caused by the climate crisis in most impacted countries and communities. Together, we’re united to power down the fossil fuels industry – and in November we will power up renewable energies rooted in justice! We want governments to commit to target the illegitimate profits of the fossil fuel industry and redistribute them equitably to fund the just transition to renewable energy.At COP28, we need clear and real action for an immediate phase out of fossil fuels, and to generate 1.5 Terawatt (TW) of renewable energy installed capacity per year from 2030 onwards to stay in line with 1.5C of heating. We have the tools, technology and money to make it happen – we’re just lacking the political will. Join us to put pressure on governments and power up the renewables revolution!