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November 3 – December 12, 2023

All around the world, people are coming together for a month of actions to demand a renewable, peaceful and equitable future for all.

See more photos and stories of the Power Up actions that already happened here. And if you joined a Power Up action, send us your photos and videos.

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Fossil fuel companies have recently announced their last round of quarterly profits. We are watching the energy giants grow richer than ever whilst worldwide people are facing climate impacts, conflicts, blackouts and getting poorer as food and power bill costs keep rising. We are not building renewable energy infrastructure fast enough to meet the scale of the climate and inequality crises – but there seem to be unlimited resources to fuel wars.

Throughout November, we are taking action in towns and cities across the globe, calling on world leaders to power up climate solutions that deliver clean energy, justice, peace and the protection of human rights. And on December 8, we will bring the energy of our global month-long efforts to the heart of he UN Climate Summit (COP28) and show a world powered by clean and fair renewable energy is not only possible: it is ours to make.

We have the tools, money and technology to make the energy transition happen. What is flagrantly missing is the political will to put people and the planet above greed and hatred. We have alternatives, a better world for all of us is possible.

Join us and power up the global renewable energy revolution!

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Organise an Action!

Whether you’re a seasoned activist or a first-time organiser, join thousands of other volunteers and activists across the world, organising rallies, marches, and other creative actions in their communities!

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Take Action Online!

If you cannot join any Power Up events in person, don't worry – you can still be part of the change! Support people on the ground by taking online action now:

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Spread the word!

Amazing and powerful actions are happening every day around the world, showing that it's time we break free from coal, oil and gas, and make polluters pay for the urgent transformation we need! Help us get their messages far and wide – check our live coverage on Instagram, Twitter (X) and Facebook and spread the word!